Twin Star Cars
Rock Island #754-760 RPO

  In 1959,1960 and 1965 the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific purchased a total of seven New York Central 22 roomette smooth-sided sleeping cars. The cars were re-configured with a 60' mail compartment and a 21' baggage express area. Most cars were removed from service when the Rock Island lost the mail contracts. These cars were used on most of Rock Island passenger trains some time during their life.

Pictures have placed the cars on the following trains.
"Golden State" "Twin Star Rocket" "Twin Star's" "Kansas City Rocket"
"Plainsman" "Zephyr-Rocket" "Rocky Mountain Rocket"

Kit Contents: 2 Laser cut car sides, Laser cut windows and doors, Eastern Car Works core kit, correct roof vents, decals, all Evergreen styrene called out in the instructions and detailed instructions including photographs of prototype cars.


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