Twin Star Cars
Rock Island 2700 Series Commuter Coach

  In May of 1947, the CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC railroad ordered twenty commuter coaches 2700-2719, of three configurations. The cars were delivered from the Worcester plant during October and November of 1949 as lot W6834, plan W51908. These cars were built using PULLMAN-STANDARDS girder construction technique with a lowered floor, smooth sides and four sets of air operated double leaf sliding doors, two sets to a side. They rode on a low profile version of the 41-N truck with rotary arm snubbers and were equipped with diesel fueled Waukesha Ice Engine air conditioning and Waukesha 10KW Enginator. Cars 2700 and 2701 were destroyed in 1972, the remainder were retired and sold to a dismantler in 1977-78. This model represents the car as it was delivered from Pullman-Standard. The floor plan is correct for the "as delivered" cars 2700-2703, which were delivered with toilets. The Rock Island added toilets to seven additional cars in 1950. The Rock Island quickly removed the covers for the air conditioning and blended the bodyline of the car to match the opposing side of the doors.


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